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All Items Free shipping from USA Warehouse THIS MONTH!---35% off Code:YARGO

How to stay warm outdoors in winter

How to stay warm outdoors in winter

The following advice is for reference only, readers need to take the necessary measures to prepare for winter camping according to the actual situation.

Winter has become the fastest growing camping season in the U.S. since 2019, with a 40.7 percent increase in participation, according to A survey of more than 3,000 Dyrt users show that camping is growing in popularity throughout the year, but the most significant growth trend occurs in the coldest months.

 There is a charm to winter camping that is unique to the season. Waking up in the morning from a warm sleeping bag to embrace the pure white world, the pure air washed by falling snow, and the feeling of quiet grandeur that cannot be found in the warmer months. But with a unique season comes it’s challenges. Winter has the danger of low temperatures, which can result in hypothermia, frostbite, or even death from exposure. If you want to camp in winter, check out these helpful tips to help you prepare!

 1、Cautiously Choose a Campsite

 It is best to choose a campground with a high safety factor such as flat land or bushes, avoid canyons where cold air can gather its intensity., Try to choose a location that is sheltered from the wind and faces east towards the sun. The more sun exposure you have, the better.

 Before choosing a campsite, do research to see if there is any potential for an avalanche. Your tent should be set up on dry flat ground to stop the cold air from the ground seeping into your tent.

2、Keeping Warm

 Not doing a good job of keeping warm will not only suck the fun out of camping, but it can also suck the life out of your body.

Dress in multiple warm layers and invest in high quality clothing built for cold temperatures. The outermost layer is recommended to choose a breathable rash jacket or softshell jacket to protect you from the wind; the middle layer can be a good warm fleece material; the innermost layer is best to choose quick dry underwear.

Next, you will need to maintain the temperature inside your sleeping bag. Try to choose a well-fitting sleeping bag that reduces the gap between the sleeping bag and your body. If your budget is sufficient, buy a down sleeping bag. If you have a tighter budget, buy a thick cotton sleeping bag.

If in a particularly low-temperature environment, the heat generated by the sleeping bag itself is not enough to warm the body, you can fill a water bottle with hot water and hold it in your arms as you sleep. This will serve as a heat source can also be used for the next day's wash water.

3、Bring Fast Food

Winter camping is more physically demanding than other seasons, so it's a good idea to choose high-energy fast food. Fast food has more calories which is important because your body will need more calories to keep functioning. You can choose compressed cookies, canned fish, peanut products, chocolate, dried fruits, etc., which are easy to eat and can also replenish the carbohydrates and fats needed by the body. Before going to bed, you also need to put some small snacks next to your sleeping bag, so that you can replenish your physical energy at any time.

4、Carry a Portable Solar Station

Using a Portable Power Station while camping can be a life saver. Power stations can power up items like electric blankets, mini space heaters, coffee makers and more.

Our 500W Portable Power Station + 120W Solar Panel can be the perfect solution to your power anxiety.

You just need to put the solar panel under the sun during the day, it will convert solar energy into electricity to power your device, so you always have the conditions to keep in touch with the outside world, and the emergency light design can also become a distress signal to rescue workers when you need help. 

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5、Keep the Tent Well Ventilated

Keeping air circulating is very important for your tent. The heat generated by the body and breathing in a confined environment will form condensation in the tent, and condensation can be avoided through proper ventilation. If you use heating equipment, ventilation is very necessary.


Keeping your body warm during winter camping can affect the entire experience of your trip. Whether it's for your experience or for your health, make sure you take effective measures to keep your body temperature at a normal level at all times. Finally, have a great trip and enjoy the beauty of winter!

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