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Togopower Advance1550,1512Wh/1500W Power Station with 120W Foldable Solar Panel Included

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Togo Power 120W Portable Solar Panels:

Compatible with Solar Generators Power Stations, Foldable Solar Power Bank for Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Camera, and 5-18V Devices.

  • Style : Folding style
  • Maximum power : 120W
  • DC output : 18V / 6.6a (maximum power)
  • Usb-a output : QC3. 0 24W(5V3.4A/9V2.5A/12V2A)
  • Usb-c output : PD 45W( 5V4.5A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A)
  • Crystalline silicon wafer : Monocrystalline silicon * 4
  • Size : Folding: 520 * 370 * 55mm,Unfolding: 1660 * 520 * 25MM
  • Weight : 4.95kg

 Togopower Portable Solar Panel

Togo Power Portable Power Station Advance1550, 1512Wh Portable Generator with 3x120V/1500W AC Outlets, Quiet Clean Power For Indoor And Outdoor Use,backup Lithium Battery for Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency

7 Safety Protections

Why choose our portable power station?

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures,camping,weekend getaways,or a good time at the cottage with family and friends,grab a our Togo power Advance 1550 to recharge your gear.

Specific Features:

  1. Stable Power Supply:This unit comes with a Battery Management System(BMS)which has features like over voltage protection,over current protection,overheat protection,and more.The Advance 1550 provides stable power for items like TV's,projectors,small blenders,CPAP machines,pellet smokers,and more.
  2. Charge Multiple Devices Simultaneously:This unit features 3*AC outlets(120V),2*PD Type-C(60W)ports,4*USB ports,1*DC port,and 1*10W wireless charging station.You can charge multiple items at the same time,and this unit also has pass-through charging.
  3. Clean Power Supply:This unit has a Pure Sine Wave Inverter which ensures safe charging for sensitive devices like laptops and tablets.The Advance 1550 also features BMS Key switch output,LCD display,and dual lanterns.
  4. AC Pure Sine Wave Outputs:Provides stable power to meet the special requirements for sensitive devices.
  5. 10W Wireless Charger:The top of this power station has a Qi-certified wireless charging design,and the phone can be charged without a data cable.

【Huge 1512Wh Capacity】

  • Packed with a 1512Wh (408649mAh) lithium battery pack, no fuel or gasoline needed, no fumes, no pollution, no noise for completely silent operation. The built-in advanced BMS actively protects your devices from short circuits, overvoltage, and other potential hazards.

Togopower Advance 1550 Power Station

【Charge Up To 12 Devices】

  • This unit features 3* AC outlets (120V), 2* PD Type-C (60W) ports, 4* USB ports, 1* DC port, and 1* 10W wireless charging station.Our portable power station can power up to 12 devices simultaneously.

Togopower Advance 1550 Power Station

Togopower Advance 1550 Power Station

【3 Ways To Recharge】

  •  AC Port Charges in 5-6Hrs;600W Solar Panel Charges in 3-4Hrs(Solar Panel Not Included);Car Port Charges in 25-26Hrs. Plus, the digital display makes it easy to see how much power you have left, while a top handle simplifies carrying, so you can take it with you everywhere you need to be.

Togopower Advance 1550 Power Station

【Designed for Outdoor Living】

  • The Advance 1550 portable generator features a LED flashlight to help you see clearly at night or in low-light conditions. With a matte finish handle that is smooth to touch and easy to grab, this emission-free power station is sure to fulfill your portable power needs in camping, travel, music festivals, emergencies, and more.

Togopower Advance 1550 Power Station


  • Whether the natural elements cut the electricity or some other emergency leaves you without power, Togo power features a Portable Power Station that’s powerful enough to keep your personal devices charged and at the ready so you can stay connected and entertained.

Togopower Advance 1550 Power Station

Togopower Advance 1550 Power Station

Togo power Advance 1550 Tech Specs:

Capacity 1512Wh (408649mAh)(21.6V 70Ah)
Rated power 1500W
Product size 35.0 x 26.5 x 24.0 inches
Net product weight 13.28kg
DC Input 240W
DC5525 Outputs 2*DC5525 Outputs 12V/10A
Cigarette lighter port 1*Cigarette lighter port 12V/10A
DC7406 Outputs 1*DC7406 Outputs 24V/5A
USB-A 2*USB-A QC 3.0 18W each
USB-C 2*USB-C PD3.0 60W
AC Output 3*AC Output 120V 60Hz 1500W , 3000W surge, Pure Sine Wave
Wireless Charger 1*10W Wireless Charger
LCD Display 1*LCD Display
LED light with SOS Mode 1* LED light with SOS Mode


Q1: How long can the Togo power Advance1550 power up my device?

A: Working times = 1512Wh X 0.85 / operating wattage of your device

For example, if your device is 20W, the working time will be about 1512Wh X 0.85 / 20W=64hrs.

Q2: Does Advance1550 include a built-in MPPT controller?

A: Yes, Advance1550 power stations have a built-in MPPT controller.

Q3: Can I charge my Advance1550 while supplying power to other devices at the same time?

A: Yes! The Advance1550 can be recharged while charging other devices.

Q4: Does the Advance1550 turn on automatically if the power goes out?

A: It doesn't turn on automatically for safety reasons. You will need to plug your device into the unit and turn on the unit after the power at your home goes out.


A: 1* Portable Power Station A1550, 1*AC Adapter,1* User guide.


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