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TogoPower 120W Portable Solar Panel for Portable Power Stations

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Togo Power 120W Portable Solar Panel for Jackery/ECOFLOW/BLUETTI/Togopower Power Stations,etc, Kickstand Foldable Solar Charger with Dual USB/QC3.0/PD60W/DC 4 Outputs for Phone Tablet, Camping Outdoors RV

  • Professional Outdoor Power Supply - These portable solar panels are made of ECTFE laminate and weighs 10.25lbs. It's foldable ( 20.47*14.57*2.17 inches), waterproof and adjustable feet. It can be carried and provide you with sufficient power for camping, mountaineering, and more.
  • Wide Compatibility - This portable solar panel charger is designed for portable power stations. You can charge items like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, GPS, digital cameras, etc. This solar panel is compatible with our Advance 350/550/1550 Power Station power stations.
  • High Conversion Efficiency - The 120w solar panels are monocrystalline panels which feature a conversion efficiency rate up to 23%. Under low light conditions, its performance is better than similar rated polysilicon solar panels.
  • Smart Charging - The solar panel has a built-in smart IC chip. The chip will identify your device and adjust the charging speed accordingly. It will also protect your device from overcharging. Dual USB ports QC3.0 and USB-C (maximum 15V 3A). The 18V DC output is also available to charge your equipment.
  • Portable and Foldable - You can use the Togo Power 120W Solar Panel kit where ever you go! You can use on vacation, while camping, RVing, and traveling anywhere on the open road. Using solar power has never been so easy!

Product model: Advance 120W

  • Style : Folding style
  • Maximum power : 120W
  • DC output : 18V / 6.6a (maximum power)
  • Usb-a output : QC3. 0 24W(5V3.4A/9V2.5A/12V2A)
  • Usb-c output : PD 45W( 5V4.5A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A)
  • Crystalline silicon wafer : Monocrystalline silicon * 4
  • Size : Folding: 520 * 370 * 55mm,Unfolding: 1660 * 520 * 25MM
  • Weight : 4.95kg

 Togopower Solar PanelTogopower Solar PanelTogopower Solar Panel

Togopower Solar PanelTogopower Solar Panel



Item: Advance 120W
Style: foldable
Rated Power 120W
Cell Efficiency 23%
Power Voltage 18V
Power Current 6.6A
Open Circuit Voltage 22.9V
Short Circuit Current 8.1A
USB-A QC3.0 Output 24W, 5V3A/9V2.5A/12V2A
USB-C PD Output 45W, 5V3A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A
Operating Temperature -4℉~150℉ / -20°C - 65°C
Unfolded 63.58 * 20.47 * 0.98 inches
Folded 20.47 * 14.96 * 1.96 inches
Weight 9.4 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Almost There

I have an Anker 521 which is only 200w - I was able to connect directly from the solar panel unit to the power input of the Anker without the use of any adapters (8mm input). I had a clear sky with no clouds and direct sunlight without casting a shadow and it was peaking at most 65 watts (which was kind of a bummer and lead to taking one star off but I do admit this could be because of my Anker and not the Togo solar panel). I started at 70% and within an hour got back up to 100% - though I do have a smaller battery pack this will definitely save me the headache of charging my Anker at a campsite restroom.I also just realized in writing of this review that my Anker supports charging via USB-C in addition to the input so I'll come back and update this to see if it'll charge faster with both the input plug from the Togo and the USB-C that's built in to the solar panels.UPDATE: It's pulling 100w with both USB-C and 8mm charging connections, awesome!

Christopher Lambert
Works fine with my Jackery

This panel works as advertised. The seller has since updated their product description to show that I have a battery that can only accept half the wattage produced by these panels. This product is great and i will purchase more items from them in the future.

Essential to always prepare

This Togo Power 120W solar panel is essential to have for any occasion and emergency. It has 4 panels. All the connectors you need for your portable power stations. Get one today and be ready, at least having portable solar panels you can charge your devices.

Matt & Tracey
I am so impressed with this Solar charger!

As soon as I took the portable solar panel out of the box I could literally see the quality of it; from the panels to the materials to the wires! As soon as I put it up in the sun it was working! The red LED light on the back immediately came on and was letting me know that it was operating correctly. It was SO simple!The wiring that's included can charge 99% of all solar generators that are out on the market today. Along with that, it has a USB C at 45 watts, and a USB A at 24 watts. So as you are charging your solar generator you can also be charging a flashlight, tablet, power bank, phone, etc. at the same time.This solar panel folds up nicely and only weighs 9.4 pounds. It has ETFE lamination, which is the gold standard in portable solar panels. It will last longer and is much easier to clean than traditional solar panels. It has a high conversion rate of 23%, and a light transmittance of 29%. It has a very strong build and is waterproof.I have many solar panels, and this by far is the most efficient and well built one out of all of them! This TOGO Power is 120 watts at 18 volts and it is portable. It really is light enough to take with you when camping, and it would be a must-have for any The solar panel has 4 anchor holes which lets you attach it to an RV roof, tree, fence, etc or just put it in the grass with its included props. I'm highly impressed with this portable solar panel and definitely recommend it!

Good foldable solar panel

This is a solid offering for a foldable solar panel. I was happy it came with an adapter for an XT60 as that is what I use the most on the solar generator side and that adapter plug gave you most of your common plugs you would be using. The panel has 2 kickstands, which work out pretty well, but sometime wished it had another one to help keep the panel a bit more flush, but not a big deal. You can tell when it is making power by the red led light in the zipper pouch and has a USB A and C for your phone or table to charge from.The Voc was right around 21.5V most of the time, but when it was just deployed and still cool, I did get a 23.0 reading, but seemed to be stay at the previous mentioned number after it was in the sun for a while. My best output was right when I put it out at 103 watts. After it got heated up by the sun it was usually around 85 or 90 watts. If I moved it every 30 minutes I could keep closer to the low 90's, but if I let it sit for a few hours 80-85 was the norm. I tried this on my Ecoflow Delta Mini and my Montek X-1000. The Ecoflow usually was able to get a few more watts from this than the Montek. My only real issue is I was hoping for a bit more output from a 120 watt rated panel. I had a 100 watt foldable panel out at the same time and it was usually just 5-10 watts less than this one most of the time. The performance wasn't bad by any means, just was expecting a bit more from the higher rating.One nice thing about the folding style is the 4 panels are wired in parallel. This way if a tree shades one, you still get the power from the other 3. If it was in series, that one panel in shade would kill the entire output. I always appreciate the parallel connection on these to help limit any shading on the panel.The size of this 20.5" tall and about 62" wide to most extreme flap edge. It does have 4 metal grommets, one on each corner, for hanging it from something if desired. The funny thing is that is near identical in size to my 100 watt folding panel. With the size it does give you some room to hide your solar generator from sun a bit, but couldn't get Delta Mini totally out of it.All in all, this will work well for most any solar generator. The wide range of connection types means it will likely be able to plug directly into whatever brand of one you have. It will handle some rain just fine as I had an unexpected shower overnight and it got rained on. Again a solid offer for your portable solar needs. Should pack up fine for any camping trip and take minimal space in the car.

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