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All Items Free shipping from USA Warehouse THIS MONTH!---35% off Code:YARGO
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Yargo 100W Portable Solar Panel YP100 for Portable Power Stations

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Yargo 100W Portable Solar Panel YP100 for Jackery/ECOFLOW/BLUETTI/Togopower,etc Power Stations, Portable Solar Charger with MC- 4, DC, and USB Output, Suitable for Solar Generator, 12V Car Battery

Brand: YARGO
Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 21.85 x 15.35 x 2.56 inches
Item Weight: 8.3 Pounds
Included Components: 1 Yargo 100w solar panel, 1 to 4 solar adapter cable, 1 User Guide

About this item

  • ⚡【Made For Solar Generators And 12V Battery】 - With the included different sizes of connectors, Yargo 100W portable solar panel is compatible with Jackery, ECOFLOW, Anker, Goal Zero, BLUETTI, FlashFish, ROCKPALS and other portable power station. The 21V DC port is equipped with a built-in charging control box. You can directly charge the 12-volt battery of cars, ships, and RVs without having to carry an additional controller.
  • ⚡【High Conversion Efficiency 】- The A grade 100 watt monocrystalline silicon solar cells provide a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, generate more energy and perform better than conventional panels in strong sunlight.ETFE-laminated solar cells offer weather-resistant outdoor durability and longer life.
  • ⚡【Fast Charging Charging Technology 】- Equipped with USB QC 3.0 and Type-C output, Designed for smartphones and tablets (compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy), GPS, digital cameras etc. Perfectly compatible with outdoor life and help you deal with unexpected power outages.
  • ⚡【Foldable & Portable】 - Yargo portable 100w solar panel charger is designed with a handle, convenient to carry wherever you go. The adjustable bracket holder will make you use the panel in different angles based on sun location to collect as much as solar power you can.
  • ⚡【What You Get】- 1 Yargo 100w solar panel, 1 to 4 solar adapter cable, 1 User Guide.Extended 12 months warranty and our 7*24h technical service support.



Q1: Does the solar panel has an ETFE coating with good build quality?Is it waterproof?

A1:Yes, it has ETFE coating with good build quality, and waterproof, It is IP65 water-resistant that will protect from water splashing

(Do not place it under the rain, or to soak in water for a long time).

Q2:What is 1 to 4 solar adapter cable?

A2: 5.5*2.1mm/MC4/Anderson/8mm solar adapter cable.

Q3:What Portable power station/Battery does this solar panel compatible?

A3:1. The Yargo 100w solar panel has one DC 20.9V output port, it is designed for most portable power stations/generators on market such as Jackery,Ecoflow,Bluetti,SUAOKI, Enkeeo, Goal Zero Yeti, Webetop, Paxcess, ROCKPALS,Togopower

2. Sealed lead-acid battery;

3. Colloidal lead-acid batteries;

4. The open lead-acid batteries

Q4: Why does my Yargo SOLAR 100 cannot provide 100W of output power?

A4: The actual output power will be affected by many factors such as weather, temperature, sunlight intensity, and the panel's angle. The 100W of power is the result under perfect conditions. So to get a higher output wattage, please use it under stronger sunlight, adjust the angle, and avoid the shadow.

Q5:Can it charge my usb-c/pd powerbank directly, or does it need a solar converter?

A5:This Yargo 100w portable solar panel support USB charge QC2.0 & 3.0, and can charge a phone or pad.

Q6:Does this have an adapter to charge a 12 volt deep cycle battery?

A6:MC4 cable for EcoFlow RIVER/Max/Pro/DELTA, Rockpals 300W, PAXCESS 330W solar generator and other portable generator compatible with MC4 connector, or connect to solar controller(not included) to charge 12V battery.

Q7: How to clean the solar panel surface?

A7: Please use a soft cloth to remove the dust and dirt on the surface.

100W Portable Solar Panel Specification:

Type: YP 100W
Peak Power: 100W
Solar Cell Efficiency: 23%
DC Output voltage: 20.9V±10%
DC Max output current: 4.8A±10%
Open Circuit Voltage 24.5V±10%
USB Output:

5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A,

Support QC 2.0 and QC 3.0

USB-C support :

PD 65W


21.4x15.1x2.1 inch


54.6x21.4x0.1 inch

Operating Temperature Range:



IP67(Solar panels)

Item Weight:


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
David L
Very good efficiency, durable product

Bought this to replace one of my older panels that is showing some aging, and I am quite happy with the performance of this panel thus far. Yes, it's bulkier than usual (you can see that it spans two lawn chairs when fully extended), but you are actually the performance you are paying for.While there isn't really a case that is included for this, it really doesn't need one. Unlike most other panels I have used, the USB ports are tucked behind the panel inside a zippable compartment.Moreover, the DC cables are all integrated into the unit so you don't have to supply your own. This design is quite nice because you have to worry less about moisture damage or losing DC connectors inside the accessory bag.I tested this panel when it was mostly cloudy but where the sun was still bright enough to shine through the clouds. Out of the box, the output DC voltage showed ~24v (which is about the same as most other panels in this class). Even on such a cloudy day, it was still able to maintain a voltage of ~20.5v at 3.5A (giving around 72w of power). This is quite impressive because most panels I have could only do approximately 35-40w in the same conditions before voltage sharply drops below 18v.The USB-C port has a buck-boost converter attached to it, so the voltage isn't pass-through (but is regulated to the specific output voltage). It also supports PPS (surprisingly, up to 21.4v) and most other quick charge protocols (see screenshot). However, the regulator could only keep the voltage up to the extent of the power that is available to it. The regulator will reset if the feed voltage becomes too low (instead of lowering the output voltage), so keep that in mind if you are trying to charge heavier loads like a laptop, as these probably won't charge unless you are in a sufficient sun scenario. The regulator will always advertise capabilities up to 65w even if you are in a cloudy situation, so capable devices will try to overdraw the panel's available power, causing the regulator to keep resetting.)Also, note that while the USB-A port also has various quick charge protocols available to it, these are not available when the USB-C port is being used at the same time. When both USB ports are used, both ports are limited to 5v only charging without any quick-charge capabilities (not even on PD). Keep that in mind if you actually need to do this.For me, I tie a USB-C regulator on the DC side so I can use both the USB-A port for QC and the USB-C port for charging my smaller power packs. As I mentioned earlier, the DC port is quite capable and it had no issues outputting 72w even on a cloudy day.So far so good - will update if I face any particular issues.

Portable Juice!

My first solar panel and i'm impressed. We recently went electric with our cars and now we're trying to be green to sustain our planet for younger generation so we decided to forego the gas powered generators while we're camping to power some of our essential devices while being off grid. We had a 500wh power bank to charge out flash lights, phones, laptops and hot spots devices. We want to make sure these devices have juices for use during our 10 days off the grid and this solar panel meets and exceeds our needs.The panel comes with multiple adapters to fit and power bank that's available in the market today. The panel folds together into a slim portfolio for easy storage and a hidden pouch to store the wiring so you dont misplace them. The built in handles is very convenient to carry without the risk of damaging the panel while handling it. There is also a built in stand for the panel to stand upright to absorb the suns energy. I don't have to prop it against any rocks while charging. Throughout our 10 days camping trip the solar panel was able to keep our power bank filled while we constantly using our devices while being away from the grids power source! Highly recommend.

wannabe perfectionist
compatible with most power stations due to 4-in-1 adapter cable

I have so many portable power stations at home and they all come in different sizes, capacity, and different connecting option for charging via solar panels. The 2 best options to charge power station using solar panels are using MC4 and Anderson connections but these connections are only available in high end portable power stations while other mid to lower end portable power stations have DC connector.Same goes for the solar panels. I have few other solar panels and they don't always come with MC4 or Anderson connector. The low-end solar panels only provide DC connection with different DC size adapters. Well, that's what makes this YARGO portable solar panel great because it comes with 4-in-1 connector that has 2 DC, Anderson and MC4 connection, which is really cool and makes it versatile to work with most of the portable power stations!The 4 solar panels folds nicely with easy to carry handle built-in and it has non-adjustable kick-stand. The built-in zippered storage pouch can hold everything and it even has a USB hub which can charger your phone or tables directly from the solar panel using the USB-C and USB-A ports. I also appreciate the magnetic handles and snap buttons for easy folding and closure.Very good portable solar panel that can work with virtually any portable power station. 5 out of 5 stars!

Great for charging battery packs

My solar experience started when I bought some battery packs with solar panels on one side. The battery packs were so useful and the solar feature is cool. All you had to do is put the battery pack in the sun and it would start charging. They are really handy but they charged slowly. I then bought a batery pack that came with a built in folding solar panel. That one was bulkier but it charged the battery pack faster. These battery packs were great because they were portable, but how portable it is dosent really matter when it’s just sitting in the sun charging. When charging a battery pack, all you want it to do is charge faster. Thinking about how the folding solar panel on my battery pack charged faster, I started looking for a bigger solar panel that can charge my battery packs. Thats when I found this item. It’s basically a hella bigger solar panel that you can connect to your battery packs. It comes with a whole bunch of wires you don’t need. All I needed was the USB and the USB-C plug ins. Just plug your battery packs into the USB ports and omg, it charges the battery pack so much faster. The downside is it’s nolonger pocket able… obviously, but that dosent matter when it’s just sitting in the sun for hours. I like how there are these button magnets that help keep the solar panels together when it’s folded up.

Happy Camper
My New Favorite Camping Gear

I am happily satisfied by this solar panel set. One of its standout features is the compatibility with a wide range of solar generators and 12V batteries, . This makes it incredibly convenient for outdoor enthusiasts such as myself and travelers who rely on portable power stations to stay connected and powered up on the go. One of my pet-peeves is when I can not connect one of my appliances to an outlet or another appliance because of connection issues.In terms of performance, the A-grade monocrystalline silicon solar cells provide a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, which is significantly better than conventional panels in strong sunlight. Additionally, the ETFE-laminated solar cells offer weather-resistant outdoor durability and a longer lifespan, making this a reliable investment for years to come.Another impressive feature of this solar panel is the fast charging technology. Equipped with USB QC 3.0 and Type-C output, it's perfect for charging smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, and digital cameras. This comes in especially handy during unexpected power outages or emergency situations.Finally, the foldable and portable design of this solar panel is a major plus. The handle makes it easy to carry wherever I go, and the adjustable bracket holder allows me to use the panel at different angles based on the sun's location.

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